A little history …

Hi everyone! I hope you all have enjoyed your weekend. I know that there are a lot of you using this website and maybe you’re curious about how it all started…

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When I was in elementary school I was on the Battle of the Books team at my school, just like some of you are. I had a good team and all of us loved reading and knew the books on the eBOB list like the back of our hand. My mom, the creator of MyBOBTeam, had the idea to create a program where we could practice on our own. She wrote the software and a couple other moms who had kids on the team helped her enter the practice questions we had.


When we would go to practice, we struggled a little bit because our practice questions were either not worded correctly, or they were about things that didn’t even happen in the books. So my mom and the other moms who helped her enter the questions got together and tried to figure out a way for all of us to get the practice we needed in order to do well at the competition.

The team moms decided that they could make up better questions than the ones we had, and that is exactly what they did. My mom developed an online program and the other moms read the books and wrote lots of questions. In the beginning, the website was small and it didn’t do much except give us book questions and it was only available to elementary schools. The website back then was called MyBOBCoach, some of you may remember it. In the competition at the end of the year, we did significantly better than we had been doing the past few years.


The next year, the moms decided they would try to make their home-made eBOB practice available for everyone, since we had done so well with it. They started with Rowan County and quickly spread to other counties nearby.  As the years have gone by, MyBOBCoach transitioned into MyBOBTeam and unfortunately, some of the original members are not involved in the website any longer.

MBTlogo_smMyBOBTeam has grown and developed a lot from what it was when I was in elementary school. Not only will the website ask you book questions, but you can play jeopardy, match title and author, figure out crossword puzzles, and even let you customize your own book test. The website now stretches across North Carolina, instead of just being in a small elementary school in Rowan County. I am very proud of what my mom has accomplished with this site and I hope you all enjoy using it!


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