Why should you read?

Hi everyone! I hope you all are enjoying the snow and maybe even doing some reading too! When it snows I always like to sit by a window with a warm blanket, some hot chocolate and a really good book. Not only is reading a great pastime during these winter months, but reading is actually good for you, too. There are more benefits to reading than just taking your mind on an adventure, and I would like to share some of them with you. I looked up ten long term benefits of reading on lifehack.org and this is what I found:

  1. Mental Stimulationmental

Your brain is one of the most important muscles in your body, and just like any other muscle, you should exercise it daily. Reading is good for this because it will actually prevent or slow down the process of memory loss. Who knew?


  1. stressStress Reduction

If you find yourself stressed with school or homework, reading is a really good and quick fix. Now, I don’t recommend skipping your homework just so you can read a good book, but if you find time for reading I would definitely take full advantage of it.


  1. Knowledgeknowledge

Reading helps you learn new things everyday. Even if you read a fiction novel, you are still learning. You may read something that changes your perspective on things in real life or you may come across a word you’ve never heard before, which leads us to the next point.


  1. Vocabulary Expansionvocab

You can read a variety of books that use words that are not something you hear in everyday conversations. Reading teaches you a lot of things and new words are one of them. If you find a cool word that you’ve never heard before while you’re reading, you might want to look up the definition and use it in a conversation, impressing all your friends with your vast vocabulary.


  1. Memory Improvementmemory

Reading actually helps you remember things! When you’re reading a book, you are making your brain remember small, seemingly meaningless details of plots and characteristics, without even thinking about it. I have a question – how many of you can actually remember almost all of a book you haven’t read in years? I know I can, and it’s all because your brain gets better and better at remembering things and making connections to things in everyday life when you read. This will help you remember what your teacher was talking about when it comes time for a test or quiz.


  1. thinkingStronger Analytical Thinking Skills

Have you ever read a book and you think, “Wow that was a really bad book,” or “That book was fantastic”? Well, when you read you are able to pick out certain aspects of a character or plot that really spark your interest or really make you never want to pick up a book again. If you continue reading, you learn more and more about the kind of things you like or dislike and doing this, you are able to ask yourself questions like, “Why do I like this?”  or “Why does this plot make me want to throw this book across the room?” Reading helps you form logical opinions and shape your mind into understanding things you may not have understood before.


  1. Improved Focus and Concentrationfocus

In this day in age, our attention is constantly being pulled in thousands of directions. You might be watching tv in the living room while your mom is trying to talk to you from the kitchen, but you can’t understand her because your dad is talking on the phone and your sister is in her room blaring that new song that has been on the radio for weeks. When you are totally engrossed in the-best-book-you’ve-ever-read-in-your-life, you are more likely to slow down and focus all your attention on that book. This will help you in the classroom while your teacher is teaching or while you’re taking a test because you have already taught your brain to focus on one thing.


  1. writingBetter Writing Skills

Books can be written in many different styles and each time you read, whether you do it on purpose or not, you take away a little bit of that author’s style. This helps you with your own writing because if you’ve read enough, you know what sounds good and what doesn’t.


  1. Tranquilitytranquil

Reading calms the mind and the soul, unless you decide to read something scary. Reading something peaceful and happy will allow your body to be peaceful and happy, too. Reading is a stress reducer and it will actually make you feel better on the inside.


  1. Free Entertainment

funHave you ever heard that reading is like watching tv in your head? I would totally agree with that statement because if a book is written well enough, you are able to picture the characters and the setting in your mind. Think of a library as Netflix, just for books. You get to go on this really cool adventure with these really cool characters, just like watching a tv show.
So I hope this new-found information has sparked your interest to read this week, because I know I will be reading! Reading is so good for you! Pick up a good book this week and keep in mind all the benefits of reading it.


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